The A-I Business Premise

Why Agile Innovating?

The A-I Vision

Every Innovator who struggles with inventing and delivering innovation adopts the A-I methodology.

The A-I Mission

High hit rate innovating practices, delivering more innovation faster, making innovation the norm rather than the exception.

The Change We Seek

We intend to make innovation the norm rather than the exception.
By reducing uncertainty, which derisks innovating activities, A-I projects deliver low risk/high reward outcomes.

The Customer Triggers to Engage A-I

When more management attention and working harder doesn’t change your innovating project results or outcomes.

When you are stuck in the same repeating patterns of unsatisfactory innovating project performance.

When you are not achieving your innovating project goals and don’t know why or what to do differently.

Innovations becoming the norm is the steady state of a successful innovating system. The Agile Innovating system institutionalizes innovating as a continuing and repeating practice through the D8 Infinity Process. The D8 Process is the engine that delivers high hit rate innovations, one project at a time. The D8 Process executed as an infinity loop makes repetitious innovations the norm.

Agile Innovating works with client companies on a project basis.

The service delivery model is:

Do: lead a collaborative innovating project

Demonstrate: the efficacy of the Agile Innovating Practice

Deploy: the Agile Innovating methodology for future independent use by the client

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