Paradoxes Illustrated

Threat / Opportunity Paradox

Dealing with threats to current sales while developing future profit opportunities.

It can cause you to miss making the impact you need your innovating project to make.

Resolving the paradox prepares the Innovator to lead change in the market.

Trouble / Novelty Paradox

Dealing with the trouble associated with current solutions while creating novelty for new solutions.

It can cause you to design and develop a new solution that nobody wants.

Resolving the paradox prepares the Innovator to facilitate change in customer behavior.

Invention / Delivery Paradox

Dealing with the need for creativity and invention of new solutions while executing a plan to deliver a new solution.

It can cause you to miss delivery of high integrity new solutions on time and on budget.

Resolving the paradox ensures the Innovator has the full set of processes and process skills to reliably innovate.

Momentum / Friction Paradox

Dealing with the momentum and friction of organizational change.

It can cause the new solution to not be accepted or adopted.

Resolving the paradox minimizes the disruption to the core business.

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