Innovating Challenge Model

The Growth Challenge

Discovering the possibilities for business growth.

How are you going to deal with competition?

  • Identifying the PARTS
  • Identifying the existing Value Structure
  • Resolving the Threat/Opportunity paradox
  • Aligning Strategic Intent with the Business Model

The Idea Challenge

Inventing new solutions that matter to the user and the supplier.

How are you going to deal with customers?

  • Changing the User Experience and Creating New Value
  • Resolving the Trouble/Novelty paradox
  • Aligning Competitive Position with the Business Plan

The Development Challenge

High speed, reliable, new product development.

How will you generate profits?

  • Changing the Business Experience and Capturing New Value
  • Resolving the Invention/Delivery paradox
  • Aligning Demand Side with Supply Side Value

The Rate-of-Change Challenge

Setting the stage for acceptance and adoption of a new solution.

How are you going to change your competitive position?

  • Changing the Market Experience through New Value Adoption
  • Resolving the Momentum/Friction paradox
  • Aligning Business Performance with Distinctive Differentiation

Innovating = Innovation

New Value Created, Captured, and Adopted


New and Better Products, Services, and Processes

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