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Agile Innovating’s Story

Every business must deliver stable results in the short term, and different results in the longer term. In the short term, a business must execute. Sooner or later, it must also innovate.

It is a truism that most businesses master the processes of execution to deliver stable business performance.

It is equally true that most businesses don’t master the Practice of Innovation to deliver different results. Businesses that haven’t mastered innovating usually have trouble with:
1. the new idea success rate is too low and inconsistent.
2. new solution development projects start too late, are too slow, take too long, and completed too late.
3. new solutions intended to change the overall status quo fail to improve business performance.

The fundamental flaw in many innovation programs is that they focus only on specifying and developing new solutions. They don’t spend the time to leverage all the capabilities necessary to make innovating a competitive differentiator and a business growth generator.

The capabilities integral to the successful Practice of Innovation are surprisingly few in number, and even more surprisingly difficult to master. Agile Innovating created a systemic innovating practice around the three essential core innovating capabilities, with a fourth capability intrinsic to the three core capabilities:
1. Finding problems worth solving.
2. Implementing a fast and reliable new solution development process.
3. Predictably changing the overall status quo.
4. Leveraging the three essential core capabilities into an integrated continuous innovation system.

The A-I mission is to enable high hit rate, high speed, high acceptance innovating, making innovation the norm. We accomplish the mission by solving the 3 fundamental innovating problems:
1. A new idea hit rate gap.
2. A development performance and time gap.
3. A sticky status quo and business performance gap.

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