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About Us

Agile Innovating boosts the total innovating experience for organizations that struggle with innovating and need innovation now.

Agile Innovating ™ is a novel systemic practice that integrates prominent innovating methodologies and proprietary techniques, the best elements of the Agile Software Development process, and the waste reduction focus of Lean Manufacturing.

Agile Innovating ™ systematically reduces the trouble caused by uncertainty, slow development velocity, and resistance to change. A-I delivers more innovation faster, making innovation the norm.

Agile Innovating organizes its client interactions and work as a project, based upon a service delivery model of Do, Demonstrate, Deploy.

The Agile Innovating service delivery model helps ensure that Innovation becomes the norm instead of the exception.

Agile Innovating Project Definition

  • a series of planned activities designed to create a defined deliverable
  • the activities are limited in time and have clear beginning and end dates
  • the activities contain elements that are new and haven’t been done before ( i.e. innovation )
  • requires an investment of time and resources
  • creates momentum for change

Principal Innovator

Kevin A. Fee

Kevin has 40 years senior management experience in Innovation Leadership.
This experience includes involvement in Strategic Planning, Technology Development, R&D, New Product Development, Product Management, and Manufacturing Process Development.

Technology Experience

  • Automated machinery and equipment
    • High Security Banking Equipment
    • Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
    • Pharmaceutical powder processing
    • Mail handling and sorting
    • Automotive products and components
    • Smart Lockers
  • Assembled and Non-Assembled Product Manufacturing


  • BS Mechanical Engineering
    Iowa State University
  • Graduate Certificate in Lean Operations (Toyota Product Development and Production Systems)
    University of Illinois – Chicago
  • Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership
    Kansas State University
  • Advanced Certificate for Executives in Management,
    Innovation, and Technology
    MIT Sloan School of Management
    – Strategy and Innovation
    – Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management
    – Management and Leadership
  • Certificate in Human Centered Design

Intellectual Property Portfolio

  • 17 United States patents
  • Trade Secrets associated with proprietary manufacturing processes
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