Innovation can be the norm, rather than the exception.

How Do We Innovate?

Agile Innovating™ Practice Map

Context Issue

What is the reason for innovating and where do we focus our efforts?

The Growth Challenge

Why are we seeking to innovate?

What are the drivers of change?

How are we going to deal with competition?

Discover and Diagnose Steps

Identifying the PARTS

Understanding the existing Value Structure

Identifying the Market Life Cycle Stage

Resolving the Threat / Opportunity Paradox

Aligning Strategic Intent with the Business Model

Problem-Solving Issue

How do we invent and recognize good ideas for new solutions?

The Idea Challenge

How do we uncover problems worth solving?

What ideas and technologies are worth considering?

How are you going to deal with customers?

Define and Design Steps

Changing the User Experience by Creating New Value

Resolving the Trouble / Novelty Paradox

Aligning Basis of Competition with the Business Plan

Specifying a desirable, feasible, viable new solution

NPD Issue

How do we develop new products, services, and processes?

The Development Challenge

How do we rapidly and reliably convert concept specifications into new solutions?

What is the new solution Supply Chain?

How will we generate profits?

Decide and Develop Steps

Changing business performance and Capturing New Value

Managing organizational alignment dynamics

Resolving the Invention / Delivery paradox

Ensuring increasing business and customer value

Change Issue

How do we manage change?

The Rate-of-Change Challenge

How do we ensure organizational acceptance of the new solution?

How do we ensure market adoption of the new solution?

How are we going to change our competitive position?

Deploy and Diffuse Steps

Changing the market experience through New Value Adoption

Resolving the Momentum / Friction paradox

Aligning distinctive differentiation with business execution

Managing Market Diffusion Dynamics

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