Every Innovator must deal with four issues:

Context, Problem-Solving, NPD, and Change.

Hidden within each issue is a PARADOX.

The uncertainties caused by the paradoxes stymie Innovation.

Achieving Innovating = Innovation depends upon untangling each paradox.

Context Issue
Threat/Opportunity Paradox

Dealing with threats to current sales while developing future profit opportunities

Problem-Solving Issue
Trouble/Novelty Paradox

Dealing with trouble with current solutions while creating novelty for new solutions

NPD Issue
Invention/Delivery Paradox

Dealing with the need for invention to conceive of a new solution while executing a plan to deliver the new solution

Change Issue
Momentum/Friction Paradox

Dealing with the momentum and friction associated with organizational change

What does an Innovation look like?

Every Innovation satisfies 2 criteria.

The new solution provides 

a better net user experience, 

with less net trouble

than the available solutions it replaces.

Every time.

Agile Innovating boosts the total innovating experience for organizations that struggle with innovating and need innovation now.

Agile Innovating systematically reduces Paradox, Process, and Activity uncertainty, minimizes disruption to the core business, and maximizes growth by fostering an environment that delivers more innovation faster.

Welcome to Agile InnovatingTM

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